We currently offer full grooming services for dogs only. Like our boarding prices, our grooming prices are “all inclusive” as well. Included in your groom is:

• Bath (Shampoo and Conditioner) 
• Blow Dry 
• Ear Cleaning 
• Groom (Brush out, trim, shave, scissor finish, etc.)
• Nail Trim (We use a DREMEL® to grind their nails down instead of clipping them. We find it gets their nails smoother and allows us to get them shorter with less chance of hurting them or making them bleed)

Due to the many different breeds of dogs, as well as the many different styles of grooms available, please call to inquire on prices for grooming. Below are a couple of services that we offer by themselves or in addition to your groom.

• Nail Trim - $12 

FURminator® SHED-LESS treatment - $10 additional to your normal grooming price